In order to meet the current China’s demand for high quality, affordable housing growth, focus on promotion of precast concrete and precast green building pattern, the solstice on 22 September 23, 2017 in Shanghai baohua marriott hotel 2017 Asian ICCX concrete international conference and exhibition.

SICOMA ZHUHAI s’MPC planet type casting concrete mixer can be efficient and rapid separation and mixing of concrete, shorten the mixing time of the concrete, concrete for the production has played a vital role.


As mixer industry leading enterprises,the SICOMA ZHUHAI CO., LTD. Was invited to the exhibition’s key word is “quality”, “safe” and “speed”, namely how to make use of concrete member timely provide high quality housing, and ensure the safety and life at the same time.

MPC planetary prefabricated concrete mixer is suitable for high performance concrete, prefabricated parts, and block industry stirring. It adopts upper and lower combination reducer, unique deceleration ratio and operation trajectory, and the complex curve can be produced in a very short time to complete the stirring work, effectively improving the mixing speed and efficiency; The discharge adopts hydraulic system, manual and automatic, can do more stop; The patented discharge door can be used in the axial structure and rotation of the whole structure, unloading no residue; The whole machine adopts the whole sealing design, which is completely free of dust, no seepage, no pollution and other related requirements. Optional bone lifting device can be used to install microwave moisture sensor; The capacity of 0.375 cubic to 4.0m cubed is optional.

     SICOMA planetary mixer, mixing of prefabricated block industry preferred.


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